Biker Names

Have I ever mentioned my “Road Name?”

A road name is a nickname by which a biker is known amongst his biker buddies.  It probably originated with the biker gangs, but is also fairly common among some groups of law abiding bikers as well.

You don’t get to pick your road name.  It gets picked for you.  If I could have picked my own, it probably would have been “Sailorcurt” (imagine that), but alas, it was not to be so.

Some road names are intended to be funny: one guy I ride with is known as “Shoebox” because he keeps a shoebox full of road maps in his saddlebag.  Whenever he’s in the lead and takes a motorcycle shortcut (gets lost), he breaks out the shoebox to figure out where we are and where we need to go. He resisted that one at first, but it stuck and he’s since embraced it.  The personalized plate on his anniversary edition Harley Soft Tail Classic is “SHUBOX”.

Some are ironic like the standard 6’6″ 275 pound linebacker type called “tiny”, or the meek, mild mannered friendly guy called “bear”.  Some are just deemed to be fitting, like the guy who loves to do wheelies on his tweaked and tuned Harley Sportster and is known as “Wheelie”.

All this is getting to my road name.  I got lucky and didn’t get stuck with a funny name in honor of some bonehead stunt or idiosyncrasy.

It only took about three or four times of my biker buddies seeing me tooling down the road like this.

Before they settled on my road name.

Actually, that’s not even a lot.  I’ve ridden to the range with as many as five rifles strapped across the back, as well as the range bag with pistols in it and the ammo cans, targets, and other accessories that you can’t see stuffed into the cargo boxes.

I took a half day off work on Wednesday and went out to the range for some quality time with my Match Rifle.  I also got in some “from the holster” and “moving while shooting” pistol work, and finished up down at the skeet range with a borrowed 20 Ga Baretta semi-auto to practice a bit before the 4H shotgun instructor class next weekend.

I have to say that I’m very excited about the upcoming Navy rifle matches next month (it’s not too late to register!).  I’m shooting well and, other than an issue with the keepers on the sling I bought, the rifle is a dream come true.  I’m hoping to better my traditional “middle of the pack” finish considerably this year.  I can’t wait.

In other news…MAN, my bike needs to have winter washed off something terrible doesn’t she?

Hopefully I’ll get to that this weekend.


8 thoughts on “Biker Names

  1. Sweet lookin' Valk, Curt!

    You think that's dirty? Until recently, mine looked like I've been using it for motocross racing 🙂

    We had a couple of warm sunny days in a row, during which I've tried to clean her up inside and out. I was making progress on both fronts, but now we are back to cold and rainy.

  2. Thanks Paladin. I've always admired yours too. It's actually quite a bit dirtier than it looks in the picture.

    Shooter works for me. This is a big Navy town and Gunny (or even Gunnie), Gunner, Guns, etc, all have very specific meanings with respect to either the Navy or Marine Corps so they were all non-starters.

    Like you said…could have been worse.

  3. Curtis, you'd better wash the winter off that thing pretty quick. If what's coming through North Louisiana gets to y'all, well…it'll be short-lived.

    2nd day of Spring, Shreveport, LA…snow.

  4. I got mine for always showing up to tweak my brother-in-law's Dirt Track car with a black bag with my timing light, engine analyzer and basic tune-up tools in it strapped to the back of my bike. "Dick Danger" said I looked like Dr. Kiley(sp) on "Markus Welby, M.D." and, seeing as I go by "Speedy", I became "Dr. Speed."

    I named a friend of mine who, when discussing the performance of our bikes, stated that, on paper, his was faster than mine. I laughed and told him that I doubted he would ever beat me purely due to "testicular fortitude." He loudly objected and we took off on a little fun ride. While cruising down a back country road, we hit a long straight stretch and I opened her up. Lynn heard be and followed suite and after a bit I looked back and Lynn was WAY back there! I chopped the throttle, slowed to light speed and made the upcoming corner and waited for him. When I asked him what happened he said, "we were rocking on and I looked at my speedometer and we were passing 110 and when I looked back up, you 'just kept getting smaller'!" After that, he was known as "Straight line" as he would only go "fast" in a nice, safe straight line.

  5. The best round of 5-stand I ever shot was with someone else's 20 gauge Baretta. I loved that shotgun! I made a nice little roll-up leather and denim case for my shotgun (I have to break it down) that fits nicely behind the solo seat on my Softail. I don't think anyone even knows what it is.

    Good story!

  6. They call me 8BALL because of the Dirty Dozen movie back in the day, the time the nickname was given to me i was stationed in (
    Germany and my CO thought I. Acted a lot like the character 8BALL. Kinda did things crazy cause a lot of shit but the mission was complete with minimal casualties for us but maximum casualties for them others.
    Served in Desert Storm and Bosnia. Whoa ! Spearhead Sir!

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