Boys in Australia Caught Playing Army!!!11111!!!!one!!!!1

What a travesty.

Pre-pubescent boys in Australia are being encouraged to emulate that shameful stain on Australian society and honor: its soldiers.

They’re actually pretending to BE soldiers and “shooting” at each other with laser tag “weapons” in mock battles…and it’s happening on SCHOOL GROUNDS, on the weekends.

Oh NOES!!!!!!!11111oneoneone!!!

The world is coming to an end!!! Australian kids will, within weeks, begin shooting up their classrooms and murdering each other over petty squabbles because, you know, soldiers do that all the time.

Or something.

The authors of this tripe need to get back to playing with their tea sets and dolls and leave the boys emulating their boyhood heros…people very much worthy of emulation…alone.


2 thoughts on “Boys in Australia Caught Playing Army!!!11111!!!!one!!!!1

  1. It's about time someone showed a set of gonads and hair on their chest — even if it is only young boys. Apparently the boys doing better at showing their "manhood" then the adults that are caterwauling over it.

    B Woodman

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