My son, the domestic Terrorist

My son Joshua e-mailed me this morning.

I wonder if this is why I am on the “No Fly List”

Here’s the part of the article he was talking about:

A ninth member of a Michigan-based militia accused of plotting to kill law enforcement officials was arraigned Tuesday. The accused, Joshua M. Stone, who was arrested Monday evening after the other members appeared in the Federal District Court here, was ordered held without bond until a hearing Wednesday. [emphasis added]

He was told he was on the No Fly List last summer when he went to Florida with his family.

So basically, according to the Brady Campaign and some members of congress, my son, an aspiring teacher and upstanding citizen with a degree in Music Education (he’s currently substitute teaching in Virginia Beach), should, with no due process or possibility for appeal, be denied basic fundamental rights of citizenship (gun ownership) because he has a name similar to a whack-job in Michigan who aspires to blow up cops with pipe bombs.

Can you say “TYRANNY”?  Sure you can.


3 thoughts on “My son, the domestic Terrorist

  1. Curt, this is not uncommon, as you know. Thanks for writing it. Maybe your son can get some help from his Congressman, or something. I sure hope so.

    I linked to this post from my puny little blog. That ought to drive your traffic through the floor! 😉

  2. When I was a boy, the newspapers contained a recurring column called, "Believe it or Not!".
    Periodically these columns were complied into books, and one could read about hailstones the size of small elephants in Burma, for instance. One such unbelieveable event was the guillotining of a man in revoulutionary France because he had the same name as some counterrevolutionary the committee could not capture. The rationale was that if the man were a patriotic Frenchman he would have changed his name rather than bear the same name as an enemy of the state. Let's hope the land of the free and the home of the brave doesn't get to that point.

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