Petition to silence the Brady Campaign

A bit silly, admittedly, but the idea of it made me smile, so I signed the petition.

the Brady Campaign and their petition has me wondering: what good does a petition really do? If they get enough signatures and present it to Starbucks would Starbucks really reverse their decision?

If there was a petition to silence and stop the Brady Bunch, a petition to get them to reverse their position, and they were presented with signatures; would they do it? 

What the heck, it should be funny if nothing else.  Head on over and sign The Desert Defender’s petition to Stop the Brady Campaign


2 thoughts on “Petition to silence the Brady Campaign

  1. Not as silly as I originally intended.

    When I first started this I actually had it read:
    "Dear Brady Campaign, You are currently annoying many people. We the undersigned demand you STFU"

    I figured I'd make it a bit more "proper", I thought maybe I'd have better results that way. heh

    Thanks for the link! 🙂

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