What a weekend.

Saturday, we were teaching an NRA basic pistol class at Airfield.  I wanted to get in some rifle shooting before the class started so I got up at 0500 so I could get in the road and make the hour and ten minute trek to the range with time to do some shooting.

As usual, I didn’t get out the door as quick as I wanted and ended up only having time to get ten rounds downrange before having to load back up and head to the pistol class.

Oh well, I’ll try to get back out there later in the week.  The Fleet Forces Command and All-Navy matches are the end of next month so I’ve got to get some range time in before that to be ready…and, yes, I did get my registration sent in for the matches, thanks for asking.

Anyway, the pistol class lasted all day.  This is the first time I’ve sat through the classroom part at Airfield.  I’ll tell you that the students get their money’s worth with this class.  One of the instructors is a practicing Virginia attorney.  After the “official” NRA class, he gave about a two hour presentation on the legalities and responsibilities involved with gun ownership, self defense and carrying defensive firearms in Virginia. 

I doubt that you’ll get that at any other basic pistol class in Virginia at any price and definitely not with such a qualified instructor presenting it.  Worth the price of admission by itself.

The other instructors included a 25 year Marine Corps vet and the Airfield Shooting Club’s Chief Instructor.  All of the presentations were excellent, entertaining and informative.  Outstanding class and I’m happy to be involved with this group of people.

After the standard range session using our .22 pistols to teach basic techniques and safety, we encourage the students to bring out their own pistols, if they have them, for further training and to practice.  The ones who did so, did very well and I was very happy with their progress.   I was tired, but satisfied after getting home at about 1900.

Sunday morning saw me heading in for Church.  I help run the A/V booth during services so I have to be there at 0830 for the worship team to practice.  After Church let out at 1230 or so (supposed to end at 1205, but ran a bit over due to some new members being welcomed to the family) , I headed back to the range for a shotgun session with the 4H “Swamp Shooters”.

The 4H instructor class is the weekend after next and what the Airfield Chief Instructor is primarily looking for help with is the shotgun stuff.  I grew up using shotguns in the field so I know how to use them safely, but I haven’t done much shotgun shooting as an adult and I’ve never done it in a formal trap or skeet environment.

Sunday afternoon, I just observed Dale teaching the 4H kids and even participated a bit to get a feel for it.  He loaned me a shotgun to use for the instructor class and so I can go out and get some practice in on my own before it.  I only shot one box of shells, but I broke clays with about half of those so I’m pretty happy with how I did.  Actually better than I thought I would, considering.

Anyway, after that was over, helping Dale troubleshoot an issue with one of the trap machines, and shooting the breeze for awhile, I got home again at about 1830.

A couple of long days, but I can’t really complain about how the time was spent.  A bad day at the range is better than a good day most other places.


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