I’m Exhausted…

…but I’ve just gotta share.

Today was the 500 yard stage of the Individual rifle match and the President’s 100 pistol match.

We rushed to get it done because it was threatening to storm all day.  They wanted to try to get in as much as possible before the storm, so we were on the run all day.  The storm never materialized so we got everything done, but finished really early…and really tired.

Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to share.

I shot a personal best in the 500 yard stage today.

For those unfamiliar with High Powered Rifle matches, in a standard National Match course of fire, the long line stage is 20 shots in 20 minutes slow fire from the prone position.  The maximum score you can get is 200-20X.  The 10 ring is 12 inches in diameter and the X-ring (still counts as a 10, but also scores an X) is 6 inches in diameter. 

I shot a 193-6X

I shot two 8’s and three 9’s.  The remaining 15 out of 20 shots were within a 12″ circle and 6 of those were within a 6″ circle.

At 500 yards.

With iron sights.

For the really good high powered rifle shooters (like Robert Langham, for example), that’s no big deal, but for me that was a significant achievement.  Success is a great motivator to keep one working toward improvement.

Now I’ve gotta get some rest.  I’m beat.


7 thoughts on “I’m Exhausted…

  1. Really nice shooting, funny how tired one gets when having a good time shooting really well, and doing targets and stuff for other shooters. It is a good tired.


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