Is AAA anti-police as well as anti-gun?

My last post on the subject of The American Automobile Association is brought to you by my best friend (who should be a blogger but sends his posts via e-mail).

He actually sent this to me earlier in the week but I didn’t want to muddy the waters before the previous issue had been resolved.

Our old friend Mr. John Townsend, of AAA Mid Atlantic, speaks out again…this time in the Washington Examiner:

The traffic violations committed by police are “things we should all know better” not to do, said John Townsend, AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesman.

“These guys are sometimes the worst drivers out there,” Townsend said. “It’s almost like they’re teenagers — overconfident in their ability to drive. They take defensive driving courses, but they probably should take more of them.”

I’m surprised that Mr. Townsend didn’t make the obvious connection between this issue and the last one that he spoke out about.

Police Officers carry guns as a part of their daily routine.

According to Mr. Townsend, “study after study” have demonstrated that guns cause road rage.

It’s not the Police Officers’ fault that they’re bad drivers…we just need to take their guns away.

Problem solved.


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