My Conclusion: AAA IS, in fact, anti-gun

Last week I posted about a statement made to the media by AAA Mid Atlantic spokesman John Townsend:

“More than 1,500 people are killed or injured in road rage incidents each year in this country and when you add a gun to the mix the situation is more likely to spiral out of control,” said AAA John B. Townsend II. “Gun-toting drivers are more likely to become involved in road rage incidents, study after study has confirmed.”

I e-mailed him a link to the post and invited him to comment.  He did so, but basically did nothing more than dance around the issue without answering the question.

I again e-mailed Mr. Townsend and asked him to clarify.  He has, to date declined.  I also CC’d another AAA Mid Atlantic Public Affairs official on that thread and invited clarification or a statement from him as well.


Finally, I placed a call to the national AAA Public Affairs Office (202-942-2050).  The person I spoke to told me that the individual who could answer my question, Mr. Troy Green was out of the office that day but assured me that he would call me back.  I left my number, but also got his direct number as well (202-942-2082).

Having not heard anything from him as of early this week, I called Mr Green’s direct number but only got his voice mail.  I left a message outlining my question, left my number and requested a callback.

Alas, I’ve heard nothing.

I think I’ve given both AAA Mid Atlantic and the national AAA Public Affairs people plenty of time to respond and clear this issue up if they desired.  The fact that they have chosen not to disavow the anti-gun owner sentiments expressed by Mr. Townsend in the news article necessitates my drawing the conclusion that they support his statement and do not support the right of law abiding gun owners to exercise self defense while traveling in automobiles.

Having drawn that conclusion, I must determine AAA auto clubs to be enemies of the Constitution and the rights protected by it and, as such, will never join, endorse, or support their organization in any way.

I will not try to tell other gun owners what decision to make…trying to force people into living life in a particular way is the domain of liberals and hoplophobes…but I think it is important that gun owners be fully informed when making decisions as to which businesses and groups to patronize so I’d ask that this information be spread far and wide.

The American Automobile Association is no friend to gun owners.

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1 thought on “My Conclusion: AAA IS, in fact, anti-gun

  1. Sounds like they're of the same socoialist authoritarian hoplophobe hive "mind" as AARP. This is why, even though I'm eligible, I will never join AARP.

    I wonder if AAA, like AARP, had a finger in the HELLthKill pie? I wouldn't be surprised to find somewhere, for some reason, that due to health concerns, everyone is mandated to have auto insurance. And if you don't, then you will be fined and AAA auto insurance will be issued to you.

    Just sayin'. Wouldn't be surprised.

    B Woodman

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