Stranded by Police

Not gun related but no less maddening.

A motorist was left with no recourse after police grabbed his truck and stranded him, alone, on the side of the road in a dangerous Mesa, Arizona neighborhood — even though he had not done anything wrong. US District Court Judge David G Campbell issued a preliminary ruling last Friday that Ted Mink, 47, had no right to sue police over his treatment at their hands.

In defense of the Police, as far as they knew the guy was driving on a suspended license…but leaving a person with documented medical issues stranded on the side of the road is patently ridiculous.  Heck, if nothing else, arrest the guy and take him to jail.  At least that way he’d have access to basic medical care and wouldn’t be walking for miles on his bum foot.

I spent a short time doing police type work in the Navy and I can tell you that you do tend to get pretty cynical pretty quickly.  Most of your time is spent with people of less than stellar character.  But sometimes that cynicism manifests itself in the form of outright cruelty on the part of Police Officers.  In my humble opinion, because of their position and role in society, Cops should be held to a higher standard of professionalism and human compassion than the general population…not lower as is the case today.

Until Police Officers are routinely held accountable for their actions and the harm those actions cause when acting as our representatives and exercising the powers that we have granted to them, these types of abuses will continue unabated.

The only way they’ll ever be held accountable is if we as a society demand that they be.

I’m not holding my breath.


5 thoughts on “Stranded by Police

  1. Yeah Curtis. I've got great respect for police officers. They do a job that I would just despise…and sometimes the pay isn't all that great.

    But, they sign up for it, so…

    But, I can certainly understand how the job can make a guy/gal pretty cynical. My wife and I were talking about this very thing the other day. High domestic abuse rates, suicide rates, alcoholism, etc. in law enforcement…it's a tough row to hoe.

    That being said, the Department ought to have policies to avoid things like this. Maybe they do in most municipalities. You would think they'd at least offer the guy a phone to make a call for a ride, or pump him home.

    Actually, I'm surprised that the Judge ruled against him.

  2. I used to think that way, but now I just think that alcoholic wife beating bullies gravitate to a job where they can be bullies with a badge.

  3. Phelps, that also entered into our conversation about law enforcement.

    I'm sure some do. But, I didn't want to paint with too broad a brush. I've had some awfully good guys as friends who were/are cops.

    But, there is something to what you said. Bad apples in everything.

  4. People is this for real? But again I have heard about a scam that is running out of control in Mesa,Arizona where they pull you over and ticket you for bogus charges concerning your drivers license and vehicle insurance. The thing is on the suspended drivers license which by Arizona law now they tow your vehicle in for a 30 day impound even though you have all your affairs in order? Mesa P.D. is also running a clever scam to cheat you out of hundreds of dollars for your vehicle release fee which is non-refundable. Leaving you on the side of the road is one thing but with an injured foot coming straight from the doctors office! Looks like the cops should of got the ticket. Too bad Mink did not make a citizens arrest on the officers. Now that would be justice! Even with Mink producing State official documents to prove he was innocent no one would listen? I hear there is alot more coming out in the pipeline on this case due to MVD director Stacey Stanton having her goons with a badge threaten Mink with criminal charges & arrest if he continued trying to clear himself from the states mistake and restore his driving record. Mink also could not work or teach in the driving field for quite a long time. Even the ability to obtain vehicle insurance was compromised. So much for trying to obey the law? What ever happened to ones rights of obtaining your own personal information? Is this Arizona or Russia? Also just released improper court procedure has been performed by Federal Judge David G. Campbell. What a shame,its bad enough that the State of Arizona MVD & Mesa cops screwed this guy but the Federal Judge did the same thing? Ted Mink is a professional motorcycle racer and even titled with a National motocross championship. With his vehicle towed away it appears Mink had to walk on his injured foot for some distance and greatly injured what the doctors had repaired, probably keeping Mink off the track maybe forever due too two extra surguries needed repair the damage done? Ted Mink was also a very successful multi time Arizona state champion in several disciplines of off-road motorcycle racing. What a shame to survive that many years in such a dangerous sport only to get injured from the incompetence of the Mesa police while driving home from the doctors office. Good Luck to you Mr. Mink, we the citizens of Maricopa County & Mesa ,Arizona need to have this State & City money grab scam exposed as too All City Towing's involvement with the concerned agency's as well. Citizens beware of the men in blue uniforms! Approved & Endorsed by Arizona Right Now!
    Bill Richards

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