This is my favorite time of year

The birds are singing, the sun is shining, it’s not oppressively hot or humid yet…

…and the garden is beginning to spring to life.

Ain’t they cute?

Just starting to get their roots underneath them.

Still so uncoordinated and unsure of themselves.

But, almost before we know it, they’ll be all grown up and making little ones of their own.

That we’ll rip from their grasp, hack to pieces and devour.


I’m still figuring out this whole photography thing.  It’s easy to just put it in automatic mode and take snapshots, but using manual settings to control depth of field while still maintaining good exposure and color quality is interesting.

Definitely not award winning shots, but I’m learning.


2 thoughts on “This is my favorite time of year

  1. Hey Curtis! We just got our garden planted yesterday. Been so cold this year that we waited a couple of weeks longer than we normally would.

    I can't hardly wait to do some of that hacking and devouring myself!

  2. We're still too cold to plant, but a lot of greens and herbs have woken up.
    The first photo looks like a brassica, and the last one is a bean, I think. Am I close? What is the middle plant?

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