Gunpal Changes its name

I couldn’t get the link to the story to work, so I’ll just reprint it here:

HEALDSBURG, CA – May 13, 2010 (For Immediate Release)

GUNPAL, the leader in transaction-neutral online payment processing, is now operating as GPal, Inc. at the website

In order to appeal to a broader market and offer superior products and services, we are reorganizing under GPal, Inc. Our users will find familiar functionality and feel, secured by our Verisign EV SSL Certificate, the strongest in the world.

Only the name is evolving to better serve our user base and provide a growth path for expansion. All buttons, links and banners will continue to work but will be redirected to Thank you for your support thus far in providing a transaction-neutral payment service.

Sincerely, Ben Cannon
GPal, Inc.

GPal is the pro-gun alternative to anti-gun Paypal.  It’s been around since 2004 and has been steadily maturing and growing its services.  It has grown into a very robust and feature rich payment service.

The service was founded by the California gun rights activists who are responsible for and the Calguns Foundation.  The original name was a liability in the opinion of many (including myself) because it gave the impression that the service was only intended for use in gun related transactions.  GPal is, however, a full featured payment processing service that is a viable alternative to Paypal for all online financial transactions. 

I applaud their move and believe it will broaden their customer base and appeal.  I’m hoping to see GPal payment buttons added to more and more vendors and merchants in the future.

I’d hope that any of my readers are already using GPal as their primary online payment processing service.  If you’re not…what are you waiting for?


6 thoughts on “Gunpal Changes its name

  1. Haven't used 'em yet, but have been signed up for a while. (Just haven't bought anything online recently).
    I think it is a good move – it really should help to expand their market share.

  2. I knew this was coming. As good as the cause is, having a payment system with gun in the name is likely to make some customers think twice. Now that they also support direct CC payments w/o requiring an account for the payee I can move my payments over to them from PayPal.

  3. One thing, GunPal, GPal, WhatverPal hasn't been around since 2004. They didn't even start coding it until 2008-2009. That 2004 date on their site is BS. The CEO is a big fan of hyporbole (and fuzzy handcuffs).

  4. Sorry but that 2004 start date on their website is misleading at best, an outright lie at worst. I hope this product succeeds but from all posts I'm reading and the BS they just put my friend through I'm thinking they won't get anywhere with their current management. The CEO is a pathological liar.

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