Speaking of Graduation…

A three hour commencement ceremony, condensed into a minute and a half video:

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5 thoughts on “Speaking of Graduation…

  1. Hey Curtis! Congratulations to your son! Fine-looking young man. I know from your previous post that it must have been quite a haul for him to achieve his goal. Good on him!

    That's the guy that's on the "no fly" list? 😉

    Anyway, give him an attaboy from us. I know you are VERY proud of him, and for him.

  2. I thought the hat thing was pretty ingenious too. Made it easy to pick him out from the crowd.

    Apparently it was his idea, but his wife did the artwork.

    The only parts I didn't include in the video were the singing of the National Anthem…just couldn't find a way to cut it the time down to a reasonable length without seeming disrespectful…and the commencement address…which was a very unremarkable speech by CNN reporter Alina Cho, during which she spent a full 10 minutes telling us how great she is and how much she's done and accomplished, but who's final point was "be humble". Irony or typical journalistic hypocrisy? We report, you decide.

    And yes…that's the terrorist who, according to the Brady Campaign, should not be allowed to purchase firearms.

    Scary looking dude, huh?

  3. Curt, thanks for not including excerpts from the "quite humble" commencement speech. I've seen one or a dozen of those already…

    Again…congrats to your scary looking boy/man. I've got a bunch of sons myself, and it's always quite moving when they reach a personal milestone. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Curt,

    Congratulations to you and your son! I'm sure you are proud of him. Quite a few of my friends growing up never made it as far as he has because there were easier routes. This is definitely not something to take for granted. Kudos to both of you!

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