Still quiet around here isn’t it?

I told you it was going to be a busy spring.

My son is graduating from Old Dominion University this Saturday.  He’s actually been done with classes for a while, but he had some administrative things to take care of before he was able to walk.  All done, it’s going to be official after Saturday.

We weren’t able to afford to get him a lavish gift so I’ve been working on a project for him.  I can’t elaborate right now because you never know who might be lurking here and I don’t want to spill the beans.

That project has taken up pretty much all my free time since Monday hence the lack of posts.  That and I just haven’t had much to say that hasn’t already been said and better by other people.

In other news, the base stickers on my primary mode of transportation expired last month.  I tried to get them renewed about the middle of the month but they told me that I need to go through Motorcycle Safety Class again.  Apparently, they changed policy and we have to do it every three years now.

I understand there’s a concern about the young kids getting bikes and doing stupid stuff to get themselves hurt or killed, but you’d think they’d give a retiree with 30 years of experience riding motorcycles a break.

To add insult to injury, retirees are given low priority for the classes, I signed up for the 13 and 14th of this month, but I don’t get a guaranteed seat, even though when I signed up there were seats open; active duty can bump retirees.  That means I take time off work to show up for the class and I may or may not actually get a seat.  If I don’t get a seat, I have to wait for the next class and try again.  No telling how many times I’ll have to try before actually getting in a class.


Weekend after next is the Women on Target clinic at Airfield shooting club that I’m going to be helping instruct.

Busy busy busy.


2 thoughts on “Still quiet around here isn’t it?

  1. I'm hoping to start riding again before the end of the year. So I'd love to know if you had to do the beginner class that takes the entire weekend, or if the experience rider course was acceptable as well.

  2. I signed up for the beginner class because I wasn't sure.

    I had to cancel, however, because one of my co-workers had a family emergency, had to take some time off and I had to help cover for him.

    Before I sign up for the class again, I'm going to find out if the ERC fulfills the requirements for the base pass, or if I have to take the BRC again. Also, I last took the BRC in 2003 so they may require me to take it again before being able to take the ERC anyway.

    I'll let you know what I find out.

    BTW: If you take it on base (available to Active duty, DOD employees and retirees) it is free, but it's during the week, so you'll have to take time off work.

    Also, Retirees get put on standby so we don't know for sure if we're getting a seat until we show up for class that day.

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