Still quiet around here…

Not quite as busy as it had been, but I just haven’t had much to say lately.

Got two straight days of relatively gentle, but soaking rain.  The garden loved it.  I think the tomatoes have doubled in size since I posted that picture on Sunday.  The carrots are looking good.  I’ve had to cut the potato stems back twice to keep them from crowding out the Broccoli.  We’ve got three good looking cantaloupe plants coming up.  The beans are beginning to bud.

The only thing I’m disappointed in are the peppers and cucumbers, which never even sprouted…I’ll have to buy some pre-started plants to put in for that, and the peas, of which I planted a whole row and only got two plants to come up.

Luckily, I’m not real fond of peas.  I put them in because the wife likes them.  Probably just let that go and live with the two plants that did come up.

The wife suggested we go to church last night so we went…and she rode on the back of my bike.

First time she’s been on a motorcycle in over a year.

To recap, she hurt her back at work and has had two surgeries in the past year.   She’s finally starting to get better, although she still has some pain and it may never go away completely.  We were thinking that she may never be able to ride again, but her condition has improved enough that she mentioned to me the other day that I need to get her bike running again so she can try it out and see if she’ll be able to ride.

She’s got a job interview this afternoon.  Only part time, but could lead to a full-time position, and starting out slow is probably the best anyway considering that she’s still not completely recovered from her back injury.

Starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s been tough this past year or so with her unable to do much in the way of helping out, struggling with the pain and the emotional distress attendant with that, having virtually no money, other than what was needed to pay the bills, etc.

God provided for us though.  Every time things started looking bleak, something would come through and we’d have enough to get by.   Every time.  Even had a little extra from time to time to splurge on a dinner out at Hardees or a matinee movie.

Stay faithful.  Put it in God’s hands.  Do your part, and He’ll do the rest.


2 thoughts on “Still quiet around here…

  1. Curtis, thanks for the testimony. I needed to read that today.

    Man, our garden is going gang-busters. Best start we've had in years.

    Happy to hear that your wife is progressing. She's sure had our prayers. Thanks for the update.

  2. Thanks for the update. Glad it's going better for you. It;s the faithfulness during the toughest times that provides the most powerful testimony.

    God is faithful.

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