Women on Target

We had another very successful Women On Target clinic at Airfield Shooting Club last weekend.

We had about 30 women from various areas of Virginia attend.  I don’t think we had any foreign visitors this time like we did last time, but it was a pretty diverse crowd in every respect (except, perhaps, gender).

They got swag.

They got Instruction.

They got shooty fun.

They got Lunch.

Heck, they even got certificates.

And, to close out the day, the traditional firing of the ceremonial cannon (home-built by one of our several resident engineers).

Of course, we covered all three shooting disciplines again: basic rifle, basic pistol and basic shotgun, but I was helping to mentor the rifle discipline this time so I didn’t have the opportunity to wander around and take pictures of the other disciplines and I didn’t bring the video camera this time.

Based on the number of smiles that were generated, I think we had a pretty good day.

There are pictures of the Shotgun discipline up on Airfield Shooting Club’s site and all of the pictures I took can be found here. I won’t leave them up forever, but they’ll be up at that location for a couple of weeks so participants can download any of them that they want. Once I take them down, I’ll update this page to reflect that they’re no longer available.  UPDATE:  The pictures are no longer available on my private web space.  If you’d like a copy of one, e-mail me using the “Contact Me” link in the sidebar.


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