Hollywood gets one right

I was just watching the 2003 movie “SWAT” on FX and I was amazed to see that they portrayed one aspect of the subject with complete, 100% accuracy.

Now, keep in mind that most of the movie is your typical Hollywood over the top ridiculousness.  In fact, I imagine that the part they got right was completely unintentional.

About half way through the movie, there is a scene where a couple of bad guys dressed as LAPD officers hijack an LA Sheriff’s Department prisoner bus in order to help their boss, an international crime figure who is a prisoner on the bus, escape custody.

Faux cop number 1 uses a suppressed handgun of some kind (I didn’t get a good look at it, but at least it wasn’t a revolver) to execute the deputies on board the bus and subsequently, to try to fight his way past the SWAT team.  Faux cop number 2 doesn’t even bother with his sidearm, he pulls a submachine gun out of the car (it looked like an UZI, but it was so quick I didn’t get a good look at it so I’m not positive, but it was definitely a small sub gun) and starts blasting away with it when the SWAT team conveniently stumbles upon the scene while the escape is in progress.

No, none of that is what they got right.  In fact, that scene was downright silly.  What they got right was the next scene: a press conference where the Captain was describing what happened and announced that “two assailants with AK-47’s” had perpetrated the assault.

So the eventual news story reported about the incident will be completely wrong and it will go down as another example of “assault weapons” being used in crime, when that wasn’t the case at all.

Just like in real life.

See, sometimes Hollywood does get it right, even if it is by accident.


3 thoughts on “Hollywood gets one right

  1. Absolutely like every other press conference after any sort of event such as this…or commenting on a jaywalking citation, or…

  2. Thanks. I was only kind of half-heartedly watching the movie because I had nothing better that I wanted to be doing at the time* so I really wasn't paying that close of attention.

    But when the press conference scene came up and the Captain claimed that a pistol and sub-gun were "AK-47's" both the obviousness of the mistake, and the irony of how realistic that scene really was, struck me.

    *note that I didn't say "nothing better to do", I've got plenty that I needed to be doing, just hadn't quite stirred up the motivation at that point.

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