The plot thickens

Regarding the 147 utility rifles seized in Laredo Texas the other day.  In an AP story presented by Fox News today, the headline alleges that the two illegal immigrants were caught after bringing the rifles INTO the US, not trying to smuggle them out.

Feds Sentence Two Illegal Immigrants for Carrying Nearly 150 Assault Rifles Into U.S.

McALLEN, Texas — Two Mexican nationals caught in Texas with 147 assault rifles, 10,000 rounds of ammunition, high-capacity magazines and bayonets have started serving short federal sentences after pleading guilty to entering the U.S. illegally.

I would imagine that, in the tradition of modern journalism, they just got the headline wrong. Layers of editorial oversight and all that. But here are the interesting things to me.

 – The two weren’t charged with weapons smuggling charges, they were charged with being in the country illegally.  They will serve sentences of 45 days in one case and TEN DAYS in the other.  Then they will be deported…

Only to return in a couple of weeks through our virtually unprotected borders to try again.  And will probably be successful the second time…or the third time…or the fourth time.

 – Where is the outrage at the Mexican government for failing to prevent the importation of Mexican criminals into the US?  I’m outraged about it, why isn’t anyone in the media?  They purposefully allow these terrorists to freely enter our country and then gripe because they bring contraband back into Mexico?  Cry me a frakking river. Don’t want US guns making their way into Mexico?  CLOSE THE VERDAMT BORDER.  Keep your criminals in Mexico and this wouldn’t be a problem now would it?

 – This arrest was reportedly the result of a “tip”.  If the feds knew ahead of time that these guys had a truckful of guns, and suspected that they were intending to smuggle them into Mexico, why didn’t they keep them under surveillance and catch them in the act of crossing the border with them?  There’s no law against driving around with a truckload of guns and ammo in the US.  Had they arrested them in the act of smuggling them, they could have been put away for decades.  Instead they charged them with illegal immigration and gave them a pass on the gun running issue.  They’ll be back in Mexico in a month and a half and back in the US buying more guns in two.

 – It is illegal for persons not in the US legally to be in possession of guns. So why didn’t they charge them with possession, even if they couldn’t get them for smuggling?

 And finally…

 – These two illegal alien were driving a load of new in the box AK clones and 10k rounds of ammo.

Who wants to bet that the so-called “gun show loophole” played no part in this incident?  A ban on scary looking rifles MIGHT have had an impact, but then would they have just had a truckload of Ruger Mini-30′s rather than AK clones?  Or perhaps a truckload of these in .308…a MUCH more potent round than the 7.62x39mm.

The point, of course, being that our laws should never be dictated by the inability of some other country to prevent their criminals from trucking drugs, people, money or guns in either direction across the borders at will…even if changing our laws DID have a chance in Hades (which it doesn’t) of working.

I’m eagerly awaiting the mental gymnastics the anti-freedom lobby have to engage in to spin this in such a way as to condemn US gun owners and laws rather than the lax border enforcement and Mexican criminals that are truly the issue here.


2 thoughts on “The plot thickens

  1. This is the second case I've seen this week; the first was an Iranian smuggling rifles into Washington State via Canada. And to your point, the media has ignored it.

    I also wonder about how many rifles these guys have successfully brought into the US before getting caught; I bet many more than 147.

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