The real purpose

Just in case you needed further evidence of the true goal of the gun controllers, reaction to the McDonald case is providing it.

While police confiscation rates over the past decade were still extremely high, research shows that guns are indeed harder to buy and more expensive in Chicago than in other cities.

To keep the price of guns high, the city (or state) could also consider imposing an excise tax on gun transactions along the lines of a cigarette or soda tax. A government’s most efficient means to discourage a given behavior, after all, is to make it prohibitive to purchase.

As usual, they measure success by how difficult it is to obtain guns.

Notably, there is no attempt at all to measure the success of gun control in terms of crime rates or statistics.

Because it’s not about crime.

It’s not really even about guns.

It’s about control.


2 thoughts on “The real purpose

  1. Well, then what will happen is the same thing that always happens – the business simply moves elsewhere.

    Buy a gun in another county where the taxes aren't as high. Happens with people buying liquor, smokes, or even drugs.

    But then, logical thought was never a stronghold of progressives.

  2. McDonald, though a big step, is still only that, a step. Now, we need to concentrate on electing officials that respect our rights and this country's heritage. Politicians who subscribe to such useless chest-thumping should feel politically threatened.

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