Day Two

Today we went through Knoxville.  I would have loved to have hooked up with some of the multitudes of bloggers that hail from here, but we basically just passed through on our way to the highlight of the trip (from my perspective anyway), The Tail of the Dragon.

On the way to the mountains
Twisties ahead
Right Turn Clyde
Some Beautiful Smokey Mountain Scenery
Mountain Vistas

A bit before we got to the “Tail of the Dragon”, I pulled ahead so I could take it at my own pace, which was significantly faster than any of the others wanted to try.  Needless to say, I don’t have any pictures of the dragon itself, I was a bit busy.  What a ride.  I did have one guy pass me on a sport bike, but that was it, only one…and I passed several people going slower.  Considering that was my first time on the road, I think I took it fast enough to claim that I tamed the dragon.

Welcome to North Carolina

The dragon actually crosses the Tennessee, North Carolina border just before it ends.  I didn’t try to take a picture the first time, but I was far enough ahead of everyone else that I was able to go back, pull over and take the obligatory picture.

We ate dinner at the Dragon Inn, home of the infamous “Tree of Shame”

As busy as it was on a non-holiday weekend Friday, I imagine the place is a madhouse on holidays and weekends.
After a very tasty biker lunch (big greasy hamburgers and onion rings), we headed on down 28.
More gorgeous (tilted) scenery
Finally coming to rest at a small hotel near Cherokee North Carolina.
After settling in we went shopping and had some dinner on the Cherokee Indian Reservation there.
One thing we noticed while shopping.
With very few exceptions, most of the Authentic
American Indian Memorabilia, had an interesting sticker located somewhere in an unobtrusive place…
I’m sure this makes a statement about the state of American culture today…but I don’t even want to contemplate what the message may be.


Hopefully more tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Day Two

  1. Do not forget to check for your pictures over at Killboy's site (assuming he was out today – I would be surprised if he was not). He generally gets them up within a week or so. Hopefully he will be there tomorrow, since I am planning on doing the run myself :).

  2. He was there.

    Actually, there were three separate outfits taking pictures yesterday. Killboy had three opportunities to get me because I rode it the first time, then went back the other way about half way until I met up with the rest of the group, then turned around and rode that half again.

  3. I got Killboy and but what was the name of the third photography group? – she, blond, got me to wave as I went by. No I don't always wave at blonds but the turn was an easy one.

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