Hey, look over there…

…people having fun, and possibly even making some money at it.

We can’t have that.

In a city that has become the hot spot for Texas Hold ’em poker halls, it may be time to fold ’em.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Earle C. Mobley said Thursday that he has talked to the police chief and will be prosecuting people who run poker games and other forms of gambling not sanctioned by the state.

Because heaven knows that Portsmouth couldn’t possibly use any additional business taxes and Portsmouth businesses surely don’t want those icky gamblers coming in from out of town and spending their money there.

No…Portsmouth would prefer that their fair city stay just the way it is:  small, poor and riddled with street gangs.


1 thought on “Hey, look over there…

  1. I'm surprised that he can get any support from the police chief there for this. It's nearly impossible to get a traffic ticket from city police there, because the cops there recognize that they have to much real crime to worry about to waste time doing speed traps.

    Unfortunately, the state troopers don't have the same attitude, so you still have to be careful on I-264.

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