I will never understand

Re the self defense shooting in Prince George’s county last week.

From the Washington Post:

Jackson said the incident started when he and a co-worker were walking toward his apartment in the 4400 block of Rena Road just before 9 a.m. He said he heard a woman scream and saw her being forced into the apartment across the hall from his. When he went up to the woman’s door, he saw some belongings scattered on the floor.

Jackson knocked on the door, and a man with a gun opened it. The man ordered Jackson and his co-worker back into Jackson’s apartment, then began searching the place. Then a shootout followed. Neither Jackson nor his co-worker was hit by the gunfire.

“I guess once he seen that I was armed, he just kind of shot,” Jackson said.

Fletcher’s relatives questioned the preliminary ruling that the shooting was justified. Fletcher mentored youths and enjoyed sports — and was not someone who was likely to participate in an armed robbery, they said.

“He not even that type of person,” said Christina Anderson, 21, the mother of one of Fletcher’s sons. “He’s smart. He liked to work. He liked going out. He [was], like, all about his family. He’s not no bad person.”

Later in the article:

Investigators say Fletcher and the others may have been involved in another robbery in the area hours earlier, sources said. He also was facing an active arrest warrant related to a March incident in which he was accused of carjacking and robbing a man he had arranged to buy shoes from.

Fletcher had been arrested three times in 2008, twice on drug-related charges and once for robbery and assault.

Yup…just a pillar of the community there all right. Doesn’t sound like “that type of person” at all. “He’s not no bad person”…he just doin what he do to get his, is all. Nothin wrong with that right?

Good Riddance.

I would say that the only really sad thing about this is that two kids (from two different, unwed mothers) will grow up without a father. But this probably didn’t make any real difference…based on the path that Mr. Fletcher had obviously chosen, it was just a matter of time before he ended up where he did, or in prison.

And you can probably add two more kids to the grist mill that is street gangs, violence and crime. Don’t worry Mr. Fletcher, thanks to the fine example you’ve set for them, your kids will probably be along to join you shortly. You must be so proud.


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