Phase One Complete

As you can probably tell, I worked out the computer issue; so, time permitting, I’ll post updates as the trip progresses.

Today was just getting to the start of the family ride, which required getting to the middle of nowhere, IN

I’m going to tell the story in pictures.

6:01 am this morning, mileage 46572
0.0 on the trip odometer
Shenandoah valley
Welcome To West Virginia
Welcome To Kentucky (read through the Raindrops)
Welcome to Ohio
Ohio Powers the Nation
Welcome to Indiana
735.9 miles on the trip odometer
For a total on the bike of 47308

The time is a bit off because I accidentally deleted the ones I took right after I got here while I was sorting through and deleting all the crappy pictures.  I actually arrived at 8:21pm

Not too bad considering I had to make a couple of extra stops to put my rain gear on.  Now the real ride starts at 0700 tomorrow.

Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Phase One Complete

  1. Great photos. I believe I travel some of those same roads occassionally for work. Some great scenery when the sun is shining. It always strikes me as I travel thru WV, OH, KY, and similar parts, that these are the people that make this country so great. No big-city hussle bussle. Just everyday folks turning those gears making things go each and every day. That's the America I love.

    Safe travels. Enjoy the ride.

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