You know when a 90 degree high temp actually feels refreshing?

On the back end of a solid two weeks of 95 – 105 temps.

Plus the humidity didn’t feel quite so bad today either which was especially nice.

I actually felt comfortable outside for the first time in weeks.

Too bad it’s only going to last a couple of days…then back into the mid 90’s and humid.

In other news, I’m leaving early Wednesday morning for a motorcycle trip with a few of my family members.

This is not quite going to be the tour of America that Earl just got back from but we’ll be doing a bit of riding over the next week or so.  I’m heading to Indiana first thing Wednesday morning where we’ll all meet up at Uncle Ron’s.  Then we leave from there on Thursday for 5 days of meandering that’s going to end in Charleston South Carolina on the Third of August.  From there, I’ll head back home, but they’re going to hang around Charleston for a few days and then head back to Indiana the end of the week.

I’m trying to figure out a way to post updates during the trip, but I don’t have internet on my phone, so I’ve got to work out a portable computer to do it on, which I don’t have since I upgraded to a Mac.  I’m trying to work out an alternate plan, but I don’t know how that’s all going to pan out.

I know that it’s not unusual for me to drop off the face of the earth for a few days so this isn’t really out of the ordinary, but this time I actually have an excuse.  If you don’t hear anything from me for a week or so, it’s because I didn’t work out any way to post updates.  Rest assured I’ll tell you all about it after I get home.


6 thoughts on “Whew…

  1. Too bad it's only going to last a couple of days…then back into the mid 90's and humid.

    Dang… Its going to be in the low 90s here for a couple of days and I was hoping you had some inside info about an early fall.

    Have a safe trip.

  2. We saw some guys on bikes while we were heading into Atlanta on I-85. It was 95 degrees and they were wearing black leather.

    They're tougher than I am.

  3. Have a great trip, in the days before I packed a laptop, I stopped at the local library to log on and blog and check email – all had different ways of doing it, but all were available. Some libraries busier than others. God be with you.

  4. I'm considering the library thing, but I'll be with other people whom I don't want to make wait around while I'm hunting up a library and writing a post so I don't know how workable that solution will be.

    If I was my myself that would be the way to go.

    I think I've got a computer to use worked out so I should be all right.

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