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Remember the lunatic Richmond bartender with delusions of adequacy that I linked to a couple of days ago?

The one so eager to debate that he doesn’t allow comments on his own blog?  The one who is so courageous and confident in his position that when he leaves a comment on other blogs (like, say, this one) he does so anonymously?  The one who, rather than actually discussing the issue or even trying to make a point,  just posts a link to a picture of himself looking rather like we would expect a raving lunatic to look?  Yea, that guy.

Well apparently he has been completely unaffected by the strong reaction that his rather spirited post engendered in gun owners…so unaffected, in fact, that he’s now “redacted” that post from his blog.


Anyway, he’s now claiming that he want’s to “debate” the issue in public.

Yes…the guy who won’t permit debate on his blog, and who’s debating skills on other blogs so far has been restricted to posting links to pictures of him making a fool of himself, all the sudden wants to calmly and rationally discuss the issue.

Gee, I wonder how that “debate” would go.

I was tempted to take him up on his offer for about a half a millisecond…which is about how long it took me to realize that only an idiot would try to “debate” with a screeching, poo-flinging monkey who’s entire argument consists of screaming obscenities and insults at the top of his lungs.

I’m thinking that a better plan, now that the offending post has been removed anyway, is just to let the issue drop and allow Mr. Jack Lauterback to fade right back into the well-deserved obscurity from whence he crawled a few days ago.

Wrestling with pigs and all that.


6 thoughts on “Your funny for the day

  1. I've seen others make good use of screen shots and such. Young Jack Lauterback will find poo-flinging leaves stains. The Internet is forever.

    Jack Lauterback is a fool. He might pull posts or even label them "funny" but I doubt decent future employers will laugh given the rich pool of professional bartenders available.

    Perfect call on the pig wrestling.

  2. So this spineless cur is too cowardly to allow such a debate to take place on his webpage, and instead wants people to actually meet him face-to-face on a street corner and hash it out?

    Yeah, because no one has anything better to do than spend some quality time with a foul-mouthed, ill-tempered, drug-abusing, violent halfwit. Not a darned thing.

    He has had his 15 minutes of infamy – definitely seems like enough to me.

  3. I see Jack is still not allowing comments on his blog, which is kind of a shame, really. One would think it would be better for him to have time to think about his replies and at least try to construct them in such a way as they are not profanity-laced rants totally unencumbered by factual evidence.

    Mr. Curtis, Andy from Andy's Place turned me on to your blog; said you were a fellow gun enthusiast, but I can see I pale in comparison to you. Keep it up!

  4. Looks like the little attention whore had his bluff called – Phillip Van Cleave, the President of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, will be debating him on television this Wednesday.

    To say this will probably be one-sided is putting it absurdly mildly…

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