Advice from the Statists

Paul Helmke,  in his infinite anti-gun and statist wisdom, has some advice for us [Link removed due to reported as being infested with trojans and malware].

Given how difficult this is for law enforcement officers, who are regularly trained and tested, it seems clear that it is also very difficult for private individuals. And more guns, in more inexperienced hands, are likely to make tense situations worse. Just ask Phillip Van Cleave, an experienced gun owner, how hard it is to have a successful outcome.

Baically, the advice from the guy who believes that the government is the cure for all of our ills, that we should rely on “the authorities” to protect us and nurture us and provide for our every need is:  Because you MIGHT not win, you shouldn’t even bother to try.

Funny, that’s not anywhere close to the advice I remember getting from my father when I was a child.

It seems especially silly when considering the context of the advice he’s giving.

He’s talking about self defense.  His contention is that, since you might not win in a violent encounter, you should completely disarm yourself and not even try.

He even cites a specific example.  He mentions the recent murder of 8 people in Connecticut as a cautionary tale.  Apparently, had any of those 8 victims been armed, they may have been putting themselves in danger…or something.

In keeping with the attitudes the world over of those who would tell others how to live their lives, Mr. Helmke would prefer that we remain docile sheep rather than self-reliant and prepared.  That, if we are accosted or attacked, rather than even try to fight back, we should just submit like good little victims and die quietly.

Kind of makes you wonder who, exactly, he’s worried about us trying to fight back against.


6 thoughts on “Advice from the Statists

  1. Ya' know, Curt…I think it was Einstein that said “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.”

    He was right. Guys like Helmke prove it over and over again.

  2. When I was a young lad, I didn't do so hot the first time I ever tried to start a fire, administer first aid, cook a meal, drive a car, fill out an application; let's not even dredge up the memories of my first attempt to kiss a girl.

    According to Mr. Helmke; then should I not ever try again at any of those endeavors or should I (as a did as a youth who knows better then Helmke) to keep trying to get better at each of those endeavors?

    Given his philosophy, I really think he should stop trying to implement gun control — he's not done so hot in the past

  3. I would rather have a fighting chance. Cowering in fear means leaving your chances of survival in the hands of your assailant. That's hardly good strategy.

    It's important to note, however, that while I cannot speake for Mr. Van Cleave's training, I believe that many civilians engage in more extensive training and practice than police do. That's not a slam on either police or Mr. Van. Cleave, just what appears to be my limited observation.

  4. I'd say you're right.

    I don't know many cops, but the ones I do know, it's primarily a job. They carry a gun because the job requires it, not because they particularly want to or would do so if they were not in the profession.

    Therefore, they tend to do the minimum required to meet standards, which, in many jurisdictions, is nothing more than a qualification shoot once or twice a year.

    Gun enthusiasts tend to do a LOT more shooting and practicing than cops do. I've shot with cops many times on many ranges and the only ones I've ever seen that were better than mediocre at shooting, are the ones who also happened to be gun enthusiasts and shot a lot on their own time.

    Just being a cop does not make one an expert marksman or highly trained CQB fighter.

  5. BTW, Phillip highly encourages training of the type he described in his article (part of the reason he wrote the articles was to encourage people to get training) and he regularly organizes training sessions at a discount for VCDL members and executive members.

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