Day Five

Not much exciting went on today…just traveling.  Made it across North Carolina to the coast, then drove down 17 past Myrtle Beach to Georgetown, SC.  About 60 miles from our end goal, Charleston.

The day started out a bit dreary, but the silver lining is that it was cool.  No rain to speak of.  A few sprinkles wetted the windshield at one point but that’s it.

In the late morning, into afternoon, it cleared up nicely.  Although blue skies and sunshine make for more cheery looking pictures, the downside is it got much hotter as the day wore on.
Parts of North Carolina look a lot like Central Indiana.
Except that the corn is already about ready to be picked here.
Welcome to South Carolina


Some action shots of the crew.
Kevin and Melissa


Ron and Mary


Keith and Susan
Me (Melissa took this one)

I was sitting up so straight because my back was hurting at the time.  I don’t normally have such good posture.

We’re staying at the Jameson Inn in Georgetown, SC.  Not terrible, but not great either.  Pretty inexpensive, but the room smells musty, the TV has no sound and the internet connection is SLOOOOOOW.  It’s taken me a couple hours to get the pictures uploaded for this post.  It’s now way past my bedtime…I’m going to be hurting tomorrow if I don’t get to bed soon.

We ate dinner at a nice seafood place across the road from the hotel called “Land’s End”  The most expensive meal we’ve had on this trip, but very good food.  I had grilled flounder, which was excellent.  They served hush puppies with honey butter that were to die for.  Good stuff.
That’s it for today.  Tomorrow we head into Charleston.  I may start for home tomorrow, or I may decide to stay one more night and head home on Wednesday; I haven’t decided yet, but I’m at least going to finish the journey to Charleston with the crew before coming home.

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