July E-Postal Match Results

I was on a motorcycle trip for the last week so I’m a little late getting this posted…as usual.

I didn’t get many entries this month for the E-Postal match so if anyone submitted an entry but your scores aren’t listed, please leave a comment and re-send your entries ’cause I didn’t get them.

Between cars breaking down, work, Church projects, the family motorcycle trip, and lack of money, I didn’t even get to shoot the match this month so I don’t have an entry to post. It’s just been a bit crazy lately…besides our financial situation makes me loathe to shoot up any ammo that I’m afraid I may not be able to afford to replace; and because I was otherwise occupied, I didn’t even have a chance to send out a plea for more entries, so I guess we’ll just have to go with what we got:

Class One (Carry Guns)
Name Gun Distance Score
Merle S&W M3913LS, 9mm Luger 7yds 129
Danno Kahr CW-9, 9mm Luger 11yds 11
Class Two (Stock Rimfire)
Name Gun Distance Score
Mr. Completely Ruger Single Six, .22lr 7yds 142
True Blue Sam Ruger Single Six, .22lr 7yds 139
Mrs. True Blue Sam Ruger Single Six, .22lr 7yds 63
Danno Ruger 22/45, .22lr 11yds 39
Class Three (Open Rimfire)
Name Gun Distance Score
Mr. Completely High Standard Race Gun, .22lr 7yds 167
Class Four (Stock Centerfire Pistol)
Name Gun Distance Score
Danno Taurus PT-92, 9mm Luger 11yds 38

Hopefully, we’ll get more participation in the future.


1 thought on “July E-Postal Match Results

  1. I know what you mean. I had big plans too, but then reality set in. I would have gotten in one more entry, but my Ruger Speed Six 9mm broke after the first shot.

    I'm sure there is the vacation effect to consider, as many people are out & about during the summer.

    I printed out a few extra targets & will try to get some different guns to the line, whenever I can. I liked this match, as it is one thing I don't practice enough. I was especially looking forward to using the moon clips in my Ruger, but oh well.

    Thanks for hosting.


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