LAYERS of editorial oversight

Miami, Florida:

Florida City’s police chief is facing scrutiny for inadvertently leaving his loaded service revolver in a Miami-Dade County park.

A 12-year-old boy found the .40-caliber Glock revolver in the grass near the playground at Colonial Drive Park just before noon last Thursday.

I’ve never seen a striker fired revolver. I’d like to see how that works.

Another interesting detail:

Taylor admits not knowing his gun was missing until he was notified by Miami-Dade police.

Hmmm. I wonder how the good Chief would feel about that whole “reasonably should have known…” caveat in the proposed mandatory reporting of lost or stolen guns laws that are being pushed by the Brady’s et. al?

I’d think that it would be reasonable for a Police Chief to know that his gun was missing pretty quickly after his workout…like, say, when getting dressed.

“Hmmm…my pants seem to be a couple of pounds lighter today than usual, I wonder if I forgot something? let’s see…
ammo? check
keys? check
radio? check
expanding baton? check
mace? check
empty holster? check
Nope, I seem to have everything I need. Must be imagining things…”

In other news…apparently it’s perfectly understandable for an “only one” to make an innocent mistake.

Florida City Mayor Otis Wallace confirmed there’s an internal investigation into the incident to corroborate the chief’s account.

“It’s not a good thing,” said Wallace. “It’s certainly human — more in a realm of a mistake rather than some conscious bad act.”

I wonder if the Mayor would have been so forgiving had it been your typical CCW permit holder who’d made such a mistake rather than one of his political appointees?

Don’t think so?

Me neither.


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