What’s this country coming to?

As Uncle put it:  “Dude, Free Bacon“:

Bay County officials are investigating an animal control employee who apparently did not follow proper shelter procedures. He reportedly took home a pig that had been surrendered to the facility, butchered it, then ate it. Animal lovers are outraged, while county officials are embarrassed and looking for answers.

  Here’s the part that really got me:

But the investigation won’t bring “Fluffy” back. “I don’t understand how people can do that. Look it in the face and kill it and then eat it. It broke my heart that someone could be that hideous.”

You’ve gotta be kidding me.

It’s a pig.

We’ve been eating them for centuries.

Does this person think that bacon and ham grow on pork trees?

Someone’s gotta “look it in the face and kill it” before it can end up wrapped in cellophane at the local Whole Foods.

Of course, part of this comes from the fact that I was raised in the country where we regularly looked our farm animals in the face and then humanely slaughtered them and prepared them for consumption.

I realize that the urbanization of the US population has disconnected many people from the agricultural roots of our society, and I agree that it was probably against policy for an animal control employee to just arbitrarily take an animal home for dinner, but acting like killing a type of animal that is regularly butchered for food in this country is somehow some sort of crime against nature and humanity is a bit over the top if you ask me.

I wonder what Drama Llama tastes like…maybe grilled with some barbecue sauce.


7 thoughts on “What’s this country coming to?

  1. Americans are pretty detached from reality. Denial is easy when meat comes in a can.

    A few months ago I watched the show Food Inc., and it was enlightening to say the least. I expected it to be biased and silly, but I was wrong. In one part of the film they show a pork slaughterhouse in Tar Heel NC, one of the largest in the country, and how they kill the pigs with what looked like a large piston that crushes them into a chute and then electrocutes them with high voltage. If the yuppies had any idea of how food is mass produced in this country, they would probably not groan about one guy quickly ending Porky's life.

    Drama Llama does sound tasty!

  2. Why do I picture the guy as Homer Simpson, drooling while saying, "Mmmm, bacon. Ahhhh"

    We butchered both beef and hogs since I was a kid. It is a messy business and hard work. In my teens, it was my task to shoot the beef or hog and I didn't look at their eyes, I looked at where I was aiming.

    I never once thought of the process as anything other than life on a farm. You raised, harvested and processed an animal just like a row crop or garden vegetable. They aren't anthropomorphic beings, no matter what some liberal hippie, vegan says.

    Drama Llama, served with a steaming hot cup of shut the @%$^!~ up. (sorry)

  3. Aah, I'd love to come, but, in case you didn't know, I'll be jobless in a couple of months if I don't find alternative employment, so no unnecessary expenditures for us any time soon.

    Maybe next year, if finances allow.

    Heck, if the company gets the proposed solar panel manufacturing facility up and running there on the corner of 31 and 28, I may try to get a job there and move back home.

    I've got someone watching for developments there.

  4. Heh, I always thought taking them food and water every day rain or shine was "preparing them for consumption"… mmmm bacon….

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