We know it doesn’t work…

…but it’s a good idea anyway.

or something.

[Lyndhurst Police Captain John] Valente  said your average criminal isn’t one that would be walking into a police department or a buy back, even if it was an amnesty program.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good program, but these aren’t criminals that are turning in their weapons,” said Valente. “No bad guy is going to turn their gun in, whether they turn it in here or they go to something like that [a gun buy back].”

Why, specifically, it’s a “good program” in spite of the admitted fact that it doesn’t take guns “out of the hands” of the people we all need to worry about is left un-articulated by the good Captain.


Other local police officials agree with the assessment that the program is beneficial in getting guns out of the public’s hands so they don’t ever have the potential to cause harm.

Because “the public” (that would be you and me…sometimes referred to as “The People”) are apparently too stupid, inept and untrustworthy to be considered fit for such portentousness.   We are not “the only ones” so to speak, and so are due only the respect and latitude of your typical farm animal: fit only to be cared for and shepherded through a life too dangerous and complex for us to comprehend.


In other news:  Air guns are now considered “high-powered” by the media:

The buy back yielded two assault weapons and scores of handguns, rifles and shotguns, according to McGuire, as well as several boxes of ammunition, firecrackers, high-powered air pistols, several defaced weapons and a cross bow. [bold added]

What’s next?  “High Powered” water guns?

And this is just a cryin’ shame:  As long as these don’t come up as having been used in a crime or stolen, they’re slated for destruction.

These schemes are nothing more than a sop for the emotions of the frightened sheep among us.  A way for the Police and Gun Controllers to collaborate on a completely useless effort to be able to say “we’re doing something to get those evil guns ‘off the streets.'”

In the immortal words of Uncle:  Gun control (including gun buy ups) is what you do instead of something.


2 thoughts on “We know it doesn’t work…

  1. Here in Jersey, when our current State AG Paula Dow, was the Essex County DA, she flat. out. admitted. that gun buybacks were not about getting guns off the street, or reducing crime, they exist simply for getting guns out of people's homes.

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