Update redux

Further to yesterday’s post, I got this e-mail alert today.

My house is old (originally built in 1954 with an addition some time in the early ’90’s), needs some repair work, and could stand some cosmetic improvements but “Ugly”?

I think I’m offended.

I wonder if they started following me to see if I tweet something like “the house fell down, now I’ve gotta sell it quick” or something like that.

Anyway, I updated yesterday’s posts with some pictures of the damage.  I hadn’t yet gotten all the sheathing torn off yet.  All of those studs you can see and the ones under the rotten sheathing have been replaced, and all the rotten sheathing is being replaced.

I’m not working this evening because it’s supposed to start thunderstorming soon so I’ve got it all buttoned up with tar paper.  Back to it tomorrow.


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