Another update…the prayers are working…

…keep it up.

They’ve taken Yolanda off the ventilator and she’s breathing on her own…albeit with a bit of extra oxygen provided.  They also said that she seemed more responsive today and opened her eyes several times.  She doesn’t seem to be focusing on anything yet, but seems to be responding to some stimuli.

I don’t know if they were just being pessimistic to try not to get our hopes up when we were there, but they were saying that it would be several weeks before they weaned her off the ventilator so the fact that they’ve got her off of it so quickly is a very good sign as far as I’m concerned.

Mom said they’re considering moving her from the critical care Neuro unit to the next level down.  Still ICU, but not as critical as the unit she’s in.

I cannot express how well my Mom has handled this trying and traumatic situation.

She is a tough lady and I’ve never seen anything rattle her, but this is way beyond what one would expect any Mother to be able to deal with…but she’s handling it with her characteristic efficiency, humble calm and faith.  I’ve spoken a few times about how great a man my Dad was, but I’ve not often mentioned Mom and the incredible woman she is in her own right. 

God blessed me with some pretty incredible people for parents and I took that for granted for many years. 

Too bad He didn’t bless me with a little more common sense.

Oh well.  We have to accept the gifts that He does give us, not pine for the ones He didn’t…and I take my parents for granted no more, I can assure you of that.

I doubt that Mom will ever read this, but if she does:  Thanks Mom.  I love you and I thank God for you and Dad and the Love, Patience and Forgiveness that I rarely deserved in my younger years, but have received in full measure for my entire life.


6 thoughts on “Another update…the prayers are working…

  1. Prayers are still coming for her and you and the family.

    Having been there, (lost a little over a day before I regained consciousness) Be sure to let her know you are there. She knows it and it is a tremendous boost to hear and see friends.

  2. Curt, thank you for this. My folks are just like yours. We sure didn't deserve them, did we?

    Dude, that is VERY good news. Will keep this before the Lord.

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