wow. what a surprise.

Government officials using creative accounting on the true costs of publicly funded projects.

Whoda thunk it?

Months before signing legal documents assuring federal officials they could build light rail for $232 million, Hampton Roads Transit leaders knew it would actually cost tens of millions of dollars more, a new state investigation reveals.

In fact, HRT senior officials maintained a separate, internal accounting of light rail costs that was intentionally kept “secret” from government entities footing the bills, documents show. 

 But, hey, at least they’ve learned their lesson right?

“With the publishing of this report, HRT today is an agency that has a better, clearer understanding of what it means to be accountable, particularly when you’re spending other people’s money,” Shucet said. “This is an agency that’s learning not to fear the truth.”

Strangely, the one thing that the story seems to lack is reports of any actual…you know…consequences…to the people responsible for this.

Must have been an oversight on the reporter’s part right?



And remember…these government functionaries are exactly the type of bureaucrats we’re being assured will do just a bang up job of managing our health care.


2 thoughts on “wow. what a surprise.

  1. California is trying to push the same thing. It's a complete disaster and WAY over the projected budget. All to link the two biggest cities in the state. I'm more apt to cut them off then connect.

  2. “This is an agency that’s learning not to fear the truth.”

    When people find out that the true cost involves another zero on the price, they'll cheerfully vote to up their taxes in order to preserve the existing investment.

    The Light Rail we're building in Denver eats about half of the annual state highway budget, and their even honest about projected ridership expected to be about 2% of the commuting population.

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