Bringing in the New Year with a bang…


We’re in Indianapolis right now. We decided to make the trip out to visit my sister.

She is doing remarkably better by the way, but I’ll update on her condition in another post.

This is about the Indianapolis New Year’s celebration last night.

Holy Cow.

The friend that I stay with doesn’t live in a ritzy neighborhood in the best part of town, but it isn’t the slums either. Typical quiet, friendly middle class neighborhood.

He warned me yesterday about this but I took his warning with a grain of salt. Back home, we hear fireworks that could be mistaken for gunfire all night long on New Year’s Eve…but I couldn’t believe what we heard coming from all around us last night here in Indy.

It sounded like freaking Fallujah out there.

Obvious semi-automatic gunfire everywhere. Mainly sounded like pistol fire, but one series of 10 or 12 shots sounded amazingly like 7.62×39 and I heard a couple off in the distance that could have been 5.56 fire. A couple of blasts that could have been fireworks, but sounded more like shotguns.

I’ve lived in several big cities in my life…some with less than stellar reputations and often in somewhat less than “high class” neighborhoods and I’ve NEVER heard anything like that.

I kept expecting to hear lead raining down on the roof at any minute.

And what’s even more amazing…not a single mention of it in the paper this morning.

People wantonly firing guns into the air in celebration of the new year has apparently become so unremarkable in Indianapolis that it doesn’t even rate a single line of print in passing mention.



6 thoughts on “Bringing in the New Year with a bang…

  1. Hey Happy New Year.. I was just telling my wife this story.. I was outside of my house as the weather was warm wishing happy new year to some of my friends on the phone and around 12:30 to 1:00 I heard 10-12 pistol fire. It sounded very loud. I live in the Meridian Kessler Area/Broad Ripple(56 Street), and the gun shots came seemed to come from the south.

  2. This is a recent thing for us here, too. Don't know if its a "new" thing, or if it stems from cultural traditions of new arrivals, or just an outbreak of teh stoopid.

    Bugs the crap out of me, though.

    Glad to hear the Sis is doing better.

  3. Usually sounds like that out here in the sticks, but last night was relatively quiet … except for that blast @ midnight. Dunno what it was, but it was BIG ! Shook the house and the sleeping dogs jumped up barking and were running around like they were looking for their helmets and web belts …

    Happy New Year!

  4. Hey Curtis! Happy New Year! And, I'm really glad your sis is progressing. Looking forward to the update.

    I'm kinda' surprised that Indy goes ballistic like that. That's not the outside impression one has of the city. Hmmmmm…

  5. We recently moved from a condo complex of mostly blue collar folks and retirees to a neighborhood of mush more expensive homes with attorneys and entrepreneurs around us…and it also sounded like Fallujah…amazing…sure hope they were blanks. I've heard firecrackers and I've heard full auto fire…this was small arms and semi-auto but rapid, like bump-firing.

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