I’m just the messenger

At the hospital today with Yolanda, during the course of conversation, I mentioned how many people that she has praying for her and what a blessing that is.

She agreed that it is indeed a blessing, but said “I just don’t understand why so many people are praying for me.”

When I asked her what she meant by that, she said (paraphrased) “Because there are so many people here who are so much worse off than me.  They need someone to pray for them too.”

So, dear readers, please consider this a prayer request from Yolanda.

When praying for her tonight, please put in a good word with the Man Upstairs, on behalf of my sister, for all of the other people at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana struggling with brain injury.


3 thoughts on “I’m just the messenger

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Curt. I have recently gone to work at a hospital. After a few weeks I found myself walking the halls, and praying for all the sick.

    It works.

  2. Prayer sent.

    I worked security in a hospital years ago. As metioned above, it is a real eye-opening experience.

    The happiest place I have ever seen – the maternity ward where the new mothers & fathers ae getting acquainted with their newborns.

    The worst place I have ever seen – the pediatric ward where young children only have a few weeks left. It broke my heart then, and still does to this day.


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