Miracles still happen

Maybe not on the scale of the parting of the Red Sea, but Yolanda’s progress in her recovery is nothing less than miraculous.

I had been told that she’s talking and interacting, but I wasn’t prepared for what was waiting for us when we got here.  Her progress since we were last here about three weeks ago is patently amazing.

Not only is she talking and interacting, she’s actively participating in conversations, following the conversation and topic threads with no problem.  She knows what happened (although she has no memory of it at all) and why she’s in the hospital and, although she’s a bit frustrated that she’s got to be there, she understands why it’s necessary.

The big surprise for today: they got her some (very thick) bifocal glasses to help her see while her eyes and the muscles and nerves driving them heal.  With the glasses, she can read like it’s nothing.  She read a two or three paragraph bible devotional today and was clearly able to comprehend and offer some analysis of what she was reading.

Absolutely amazing considering where she was just a few weeks ago.

I consider it nothing less than a miracle.  Thanks to everyone for all the prayers.  I told her today how many people have been praying for her and she expressed her sincere appreciation for it which I assured her I would pass on to my readers and the prayer chain at Church.  My sister, myself, The Wife and the entire family thank you from the bottom or our hearts.  The Power of Prayer is undeniable.

She’s well along on the road to recovery.

God is Good.


8 thoughts on “Miracles still happen

  1. Very happy to hear of Yolanda's progress; the power is strong, if it is His will.
    Prayers will continue- no need to stop now!

  2. That's great to hear she is recovering so well! I couldn't imagine what it would be like to go through this.

    My prayers go out to her and your family.


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