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As my regular readers may have noticed…blogging has been rare around here lately.

You may remember that, back in late August/early September, I was informed by my employer that my services would no longer be required as of November 1. 

As you further may remember, I was able to find another position within the company, but that position was in Northern Virginia.

For the past two months, From Monday through Thursday, I’ve been living in a rented room and working in Northern Virginia, then driving home to Hampton Roads for the weekend after work on Friday.

On the days that I work, I’ve been trying to get in extra time to allow me to leave early on Fridays to miss the worst of the I-95 traffic.  Anyone who’s ever made the drive between Northern Virginia and Fredericksburg (or even Richmond at times) knows exactly what I’m talking about.  I-95 basically becomes a 100 mile long, really narrow parking lot on most evenings and even late afternoon on Fridays.

Because of the 9 or 10 hour work days, plus the hour commute each way (20 miles) from my rented room to the office in which my cubicle resides, I really haven’t had the enthusiasm for much more than eating dinner and going to bed during the week.  My weekends have been pretty much taken up with driving back and forth and trying to get some rest so weekend blogging has been out as well.  Add to that the situation with my sister and the two trips we’ve taken to Indiana (so far) as a result, and there just hasn’t been much room for blogging in my life lately.

The job I’ve had has been a temporary one…basically one year of employment.  My boss has been trying very hard to find me another position in the area with the company that I could transition to after that year, but because my employer is primarily a contractor for the federal government, any potential positions are contingent upon contract award.

With the current political climate and the angst with which much of the populace (myself included) views current levels of government spending, my feeling (and, to be honest, my hope) is that federal contractors are going to be feeling the pinch over the next few years. 

With all of those considerations in mind, I’ve been offered and accepted another position.  I’ll be back to working in Hampton Roads where my current home is located so the ridiculous weekly commute will end.  It’s a good job with an established company and a solid business model so I’m thinking it should be a pretty secure position for a while…or at least as secure as any position is in this environment.  The downside is that it will require pretty extensive travel.  I’ll be home in the evenings when I’m home, but I’ll be living out of hotel rooms quite a bit.

Everything has its down sides.

I actually think I’m going to enjoy this job quite a bit as it is in an area and field that I truly do enjoy, so I’m hoping that I’ll find the travel tolerable considering that I should like what I’m doing when I’m on the road.  And there will be periods when I’m not traveling much at all.

Anyway, all that is to say that I’m hoping my blogging time will increase to some degree in the near future.  I’ve still got two more weeks with my current employer, then I’ve got a week between jobs that The Wife and I are going to spend in Indiana with my sister and family, then I start the new job the first of February.

We’ll see how it goes, but here’s hoping that the involuntary blogging hiatus will soon be coming to an end…at least to some degree or another.


6 thoughts on “Personal News

  1. Good luck. My father had a taste of what you went through when his Reserve billet was with Subron 8 in Norfolk and we were living in NoVA. I saw what that did to him once a month.

  2. I've made that trip from Newport News up I-95 to Fredricksburg a number of times, so I sympathize!

    Congrats on getting back home.


  3. Curt, it is apparent that your life has been in turmoil for several months, so limited blogging is to be expected. COngrats on finding new employment that you like and is close to home. It's a tough business right now for all the .gov support contractor companies and it certainly has made my job search tough. Things might be changing for me and I hope things settle down for you and yours very soon. Nate

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