Re: My observations about DC traffic

Apparently it isn’t just me that thinks DC drivers suck.

You think the guy in the rear-view mirror is about to rear-end you? You think the lady in the next lane is about to whack you from the side? You think that clown is going to run the stop sign and T-bone you?

If you drive in Washington [D.C.], there’s a better-than-average chance that you’re right. In fact, the chance is 95.5 percent better than average,

What got me looking this morning was a report I heard on the Radio claiming that congestion in DC is the worst in the nation.

I’m not sure where the radio talking head got his info, but I did find the 2010 Urban Mobility Report (most recent data from 2009) which lists the DC area as being tied for worst with Chicago.

After having lived up here for a few months I can tell you that I sure believe it.

Which reminds me

ONE.MORE.DAY!  And I go back to the real world for good.

I’m packing my car up tonight and heading back South right after work tomorrow.

Praise God!


2 thoughts on “Re: My observations about DC traffic

  1. My favorite when driving up there were the people that would come onto the Beltway and shoot all the way to the left lane as fast as they could (one sweep at night usually), which doing 5-10mph under the speed limit.

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