As I mentioned in my last post, My wife and I are in Indianapolis right now.

Mom had called with the news that Yolanda had “woken up” from her coma and we felt it important that she feel the support of family as she regains her sense of what’s going on around her…so I took some time off work and headed out here.

I have to say that the miracles keep on coming so please continue her prayers for her. Her recovery is still going to be be long and arduous, but she’s making astounding progress every day.

We went to visit on Thursday and she was obviously aware that we were there. She could track us with her eyes and would answer simple questions with shakes or nods of her head. I was certain she recognized Bart (her fiance who was also in the crash with her) but wasn’t positive that she knew who the rest of us were.

Yesterday, she laid that question to rest. My cousin Julie and her mom were there during a physical therapy session. The Therapist asked her if she knew who these people were and…although the tracheal tube prevents her from speaking, she clearly mouthed their names.

Also, she had learned to sign a while back just because she was interested in it and wanted to learn and it’s become evident over the past few days that at least some of the hand motions she’s been using have been attempts to communicate through sign language. Unfortunately, none of us know the language so we’ve been oblivious up to this point.

She’s been making amazing progress physically as well. She can easily sit up in her chair and hold her head up for long periods, uses both arms and hands to manipulate things, she walked all the way around the rehab gym yesterday with only assistance in keeping her balance, etc. The therapists are pretty amazed at how fast she’s progressing.

I spoke to the respiratory therapist yesterday who told me that her O2 levels are good enough that they may be able to take the Tracheal tube out soon…hopefully within this week or next. That means she’ll be able to try to start talking again.

Considering that her heart and breathing stopped for an unknown time at the scene of the crash and the docs were, immediately following the crash, very reserved about the possibility of her recovering at all, I’d say that this progress is nothing less than a miracle in and of itself.

Please continue your prayers as we are still hoping for the ultimate miracle and a complete recovery.


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  1. Curt, that is fan-dang-tastic! Our prayers continue for Yolanda, and the entire family as you all love her back to health.

    Thank you for keeping us in the loop. Seriously.

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