…I thought the problem in the US is that gun laws aren’t strict enough?

That’s what the Brady Campaign and their ilk keep trying to tell me.

So why is it that according to this Associated Press article:

The investigation stretches from China to Portugal and involves authorities in Britain, Germany and other countries, but prosecuting the case in the U.S. signals that tough American arms-trafficking laws provide the strongest venue to pursue illicit weapons charges.

“These guys have been under the radar for years in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and other places that are major sources of guns that destabilize nations and prop up dictators,” said Hugh Griffiths, an arms trafficking expert with the Stockholm International Peace Institute. “But to go after them legally, you need strong laws and enforcement, and the U.S. remains the best place to find that.”

Well, isn’t that just interestinger than all get-out.

Couldn’t prosecute them in Britain, Germany, China, Portugal nor all of those other places that the anti-freedom lobby assure us are the model from which US gun laws should be fashioned.

Had to bring them here to the place where Josh Sugarmann, Paul Helmke and Sarah Brady et. al. would have you believe that firearms are less regulated than toys, to find laws strong enough to prosecute international arms smugglers.

Go figure.


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