Democrats offended again

Representative Debbie Wasser Schultz (D-Victimhood) contended recently that the use of the term “Obamacare” is a “disparaging reference” and that those darn teabaggers had better stop using it or she’ll hold her breath and stomp her feet until they do..

OK…I made that last part up.  She didn’t say anything about holding her breath.

Irony or hypocrisy?  We report, you decide.


3 thoughts on “Democrats offended again

  1. Well, for one, it was his baby. He wanted it, he pushed for it, and now he's got it. So, if his name is attached to it, it should not be a surprise–to anyone.

  2. You'd think his supporters would be proud to have their hero's name attached to his signature "achievement" wouldn't you?

    What I can't get over is the audacity it takes for the very people who routinely use a sexually explicit and offensive term in reference to an entire movement of tens of millions of their fellow citizens to try to play the victim card over such a mild term.

    It would be funny if it the subject weren't so important to the future of our society.

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