Mental Exercise

I’m leaving tomorrow for my trip to Germany.  Hopefully I’ll have some interesting stuff and pictures to post later on.

I have some more CZ-82 pictures to post that I just haven’t had time to get up too.  Sigh.

In the mean time, I want to get your advice:

We’ve got a financial problem in our household.  Every month we spend $1,270 more than we take in.  The credit cards are all maxed out, but so far I’ve been able to get them to raise my limit every few weeks to make up the difference.

I’m pretty stoked though;  My wife and I have been arguing about this for months now but I think we’ve finally come to an agreement.

She wanted to buy a new car, a new Big Screen TV, and keep buying the extra-special (extra expensive) dog food for the dogs.  She also wouldn’t even consider cutting back on her cell phone minutes or getting rid of the premium channels on Cable.

I think that this level of debt is unsustainable and I’ve been trying to convince her that we need to make some  deep cuts to keep our financial house of cards from collapsing.

This week we finally came to a compromise.  As a result, we’re going to drastically slash our spending by about $40 a month.

We’re saved and the financial crisis is over, don’t you agree?


Then someone please explain to me why the geniuses in Washington think we should be jumping for joy over the deal they just cut?

Projected 2011 deficit:                               $1,270 Billion
“Historic” budget cuts just agreed to:        $     40 Billion
Remaining 2011 deficit:                             $1,230 Billion

We’re drowning in a sea of debt and our “saviors” just scooped one bucketful out and called it Miller Time.

Somehow I feel somewhat less than saved.

For the record, the above family financial issues are metaphorical.  My wife and I are not at loggerheads about our spending and she is very reasonable in her expectations.

And we never spend more than we make.  A lesson that our “betters” in Washington just can’t seem to figure out.


5 thoughts on “Mental Exercise

  1. In order to get a balanced budget, all spending (except interest on the debt, which you can't cut without defaulting) has to be cut 44%. Everything. Defense, entitlements, all of it.

    The problem here is that 34% of our spending is for Social Security and Medicare. No politician can touch that without the AARP killing their reelection campaign. That means that the remainder of our spending would need to be cut by 61%.

    Not gonna happen. The Republicans won't cut Defense. The Democrats won't cut social programs.

  2. Hey, maybe we should just tax the corporatocracy (including 1500% pay raises and mega-bonuses) since they are the only ones benefiting… and who got us in this mess anyway.

  3. Well, since you actually live withing your family budget, you aren't smart enough to run the country…. into the ground. I truly believe that those in charge, Ruling Elite, want America to fail so they can try somethingt else. Sigh… denial.

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