OK. This is just weird

I couldn’t sleep.

It’s about 2:15am in Germany and I turned on the TV. 

They’re showing “Hart’s War” dubbed in German.

Kind of strange seeing American soldiers (including the Black ones) speaking German to each other.

Not to mention the whole concept of seeing an American movie about soldiers who are prisoners of war in a German POW camp, in Germany, dubbed in German.

I have to wonder what the Germans who are watching this think about it.

BTW:  Bruce Willis’ voice sounds really strange when he speaks in German.  Doesn’t sound like him at all.


2 thoughts on “OK. This is just weird

  1. I always thought the dubbing by the Berliners was top of the line for keeping the movie seamless, but dubbing by the Americans that wanted to import a foreign film was just out of time and too often funny and phony.

  2. Back when Magnum, P.I. was new, I was in Austria and saw it dubbed into German. Higgins sounded pretty much like Higgins, as did Rick, but the strange dubbings were of Magnum himself, and T.C. Magnum in German had a sort of classical action hero sound, nothing like Tom Selleck's voice, and T.C. sounded like he was from the Caribbean islands — something like the black guy in the 7-up "uncola" commercials of the early 70's — kind of courtly and musical, rather than the unspecific American accent Roger E. Mosley had in the series.

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