Public Apology

In my last post, I used a fictional account of my wife and I’s finances as a metaphor for government spending.

I didn’t speak to my wife about this before hand and I didn’t think to explain it to her before I left for Gerrmany.

So, when she read it, I was 6,000 miles away with 6 hours of time difference between us.  She was understandably upset with me for not talking to her before using her in my metaphor.  I should not have done that and I apologize to her with all my heart.

No hurt or harm was intended and I’m sorry for any that my thoughtless action caused.


4 thoughts on “Public Apology

  1. Dude! The post was classic…seriously. But, I am a married man for 32 years now, and I know that wimmens are different from men. And, I know that we have different wiring and all, and that women tend to be more literal than figurative like us men. And, I certainly have The T-shirt on saying things without clearing them with The Mrs. first.

    I hope she understands the brilliance of the post, and buys an air conditioner for the dog house.

  2. I actually understand EXACTLY what you're saying here.

    I'd been dating my Sweetie, who I had nicknamed SWMBO (for "SHE … WHO MUST BE OBEYED" from Hr. Ryder Haggard's novel "SHE") for some ten years before she discovered that I had been using her as a 'colorful character' in my blog.

    While she was a lovely, charming, warm and rational person, I allowed my imagination to run warm until she seemed (if you only read the articles, rather than having actually met her)to be somewhat more like the original "SHE", ameliorated only slightly by Rumsford's wife Hilda in the BBC production "Rumsford of the Baily".

    It wasn't until some unthinking fool of a friend met her at an IPSC match and mentioned how she had been characterized in my blog, that she actually read a few articles that she brought the (she never actually used the words "Character Assassination") situation to my notice, for possible reconsideration.

    So I mentioned that in my blog. Soon all of our mutual friends were talking about SWMBO, and she ("SHE") eventually came to experience something similar to delight in the way in which strong men would quail in her presence. Given that these "strong men" all wore guns … and so did she … while she conversed with them at IPSC matches, I suspect that she grew to rather grew to enjoy her manufactured reputation as 'one who does not suffer fools gladly'.

    And she made it a point when ever we arrived at a match, to greet each mutual friend with a Big Hug. Not a few friends wandered away after the Big Hug wiping a fevered brow and muttering something about having "cheated death again".

    In the end, our mutual friends allowed me to attend matches and social functions because SWMBO deigned to allow me to act as chauffeur and companion. They didn't much care whether or not *_I_* showed up, as long as I provided a transportation convenience for SWMBO.

    Remember: It's not so much what you say that can get you into trouble, or keep you out of it, as it is in the Em-PHA-sis.

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