If only…

If only the state were given a monopoly on the use of force…

If only we would just trust the government to protect us and defend us from criminals…

If only we limited the use of firearms to military and law enforcement…

Gun violence and domestic violence could finally be ended.

Or not.

During a violent Memorial Day spree, an off-duty Franklin County deputy shot and killed his ex-wife in a Roanoke convenience store parking lot and then fled in his patrol car, police said.

Then, after a nearly hour-long pursuit that ended in Montgomery County, the deputy was stopped by police gunfire — after a state trooper was wounded…

A tragedy to be sure, and my sympathies go out to the family of the victim…but the fantasy that the fellow citizens to whom we delegate the power to enforce the law and apprehend criminals are somehow granted with superhuman resistance to the same vagaries and weaknesses that plague the rest of humanity is as ridiculous as the pipe-dream of “keeping guns out of the hands of criminals” by making the legal purchase and ownership of firearms more difficult for the law abiding.

How’s that for a run-on sentence? But I’m sure you get my point, grammatical faux pas notwithstanding.


2 thoughts on “If only…

  1. Don't know if you've seen it yet, but there's more to the story. The Franklin Co. Sheriff was contacted by the deputy's father, and the deputy's wife called 911, when he left the house saying he was going to kill her.

    When another deputy told the dispatcher to issue a BOL for the soon-to-be-killer to local police departments, the Sheriff told the dispatcher NOT to, and that he would "take care of it." He called the Salem PD and asked for a supervisor. When he found out the supervisor wasn't available, he simply left a message for him to call – with no information about why, and with no indication that it was urgent.

    By the time the supervisor called back, the ex-wife was dead – in Roanoke, not Salem.

  2. I was stuck, along with 8 miles worth of other people, for 3 hours on the the highway, coming home from the Lucky Gunner Blogger shoot.

    One Traffic Assistance officer let about two miles worth of traffic go, then the State troopers shut it down again.

    When I talked to that TA officer, he was so angry he was gritting his teeth. The troopers stopped him from going up the shoulder to assist a van with no gas, no water, one mom, three kids, in 95 degree heat.

    Luckily, the parking lot emptied about 5 minutes later.

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