Walgreens fires Employee of the Month

 Remember this story?

But there was one thing two robbers didn’t anticipate when they barged into a Benton Township Walgreens drugstore early Sunday and tried to march workers into the back room: A worker already in back carried a handgun and knew how to use it.

Township police Lt. Delmar Lange said the worker fired multiple shots at one of the bandits, forcing the men to flee.

“He could see the hostage situation developing,” Lange said. “He could not retreat any farther. He was in the back room. If it was me, I would have done the same thing.”

And how did Walgreens respond to an employee that very well may have saved the lives of himself and multiple other employees?

Fire him.

The Herald Palladium reports that the national chain fired 35 year old Jeremy Hoven, a licensed conceal and carry gun owner. Walgreens wouldn’t comment on the firing of Hoven…

I e-mailed them this morning informing them that I was not pleased with their decision:

My family and I have been loyal customers of Walgreens for many, many years.

That ends today.

An employee is a hero. Potentially saves the lives of himself and every other employee in that store, is lauded by the police for his actions….and you reward him by firing him.

Apparently, you would prefer to have several employees brutally murdered by armed assailants than have one of them violate company policy (I assume that’s going to be your excuse for firing him) by daring to be prepared to defend himself when working for an employer who so obviously doesn’t give two hoots about his well-being and that of his co-workers.

Of course, you are completely within your rights as an employer to set the terms of employment. You are completely within your rights to enforce a “no self defense” policy and abandon your employees to their fates.

And I’m within my rights to never set foot in your stores again; as I’m within my rights to be sure that everyone I know is aware of this situation so that they can make an informed decision for themselves. To that end, I’m cc’ing this e-mail to everyone I know who may be a customer of Walgreens and I’m going to be posting about it on my blog.

If you respond, I reserve the right to publish any response on my blog as well.

The bottom line is, unless you publicly rescind this policy, hire back the employee who was fired as well as giving him back pay for the time he missed, a bonus for the inconvenience and a raise for being a hero in the first place, I’m done with Walgreens.

Happily, there are plenty of alternatives.


Here is their response:

May 26, 2011

Dear Sailorcurt,

Thank you for taking your time to contact our Corporate Offices. We appreciate hearing from our customers and value all comments received.

Thank you for contacting Walgreens regarding this matter. Our policies in this area are designed to maintain the maximum safety of our customers and employees.Store employees receive comprehensive training on our company’s robbery procedures and how to react and respond to a potential robbery situation. In past incidents, employees have told us they’ve found this training effective.These policies and training programs are endorsed by law enforcement, which strongly advises against confrontation of crime suspects.Compliance is safer than confrontation. Through this practice, we have been able to maintain an exemplary record of safety.We’ve made significant investments in security technology in recent years, including increasing the number of digital surveillance cameras at our stores.With upgrades to security technology, we are able to provide police with high-resolution photographs and video of crime suspects.We continue to invest in state-of-the-art security measures and high-definition surveillance equipment and hope that the apprehension of robbery suspects in the Benton Harbor area will prevent future crimes. Thank you for contacting Walgreens to share your comments.

Again, thank you for contacting our corporate office. We truly appreciate you taking the time to share your comments.


Consumer Response Representative

I do not deign to try to tell others what to do, but I’ll not be darkening the door of a Walgreens again, and I’ll be telling everyone I know why, so that they can at least make an informed decision.

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2 thoughts on “Walgreens fires Employee of the Month

  1. Walgreens should be ashamed of themselves for writing such a patronizing, intellectually insulting response. It’s obvious that Walgreens has NO intention of really listening to any of their customers in this matter and they won’t until their financial bottom line suffers. The greatest EQUALIZER in this robbery situation was that employee’s GUN….NOT Walgreens company policy, training program or their security cameras! So as Walgreens has the right to uphold their policy, WE THE PEOPLE have the right to BOYCOTT them until they do the RIGHT thing. I also understood that OSHA came into the picture sighting some “rule of theirs” and I’m sure threatening a hefty fine on Walgreens if they didn’t take action against this employee…THESE “BULLY TACTICS” ARE JUST ANOTHER EFFORT TO ILLEGALLY ENFORCE “GUN CONTROL” that the OBAMA administration is trying to force down our throats like the health care bill!! Obama was quoted as saying to Mrs. Brady, “we’re working under the radar on this” as she advocates Gun Control & chimes in with Obama to take away our 2ndAmendment RIGHTS!. If Walgreens can’t protect their own employees (as it was understood on Glenn Beck today that that particular store had been robbed 6 years ago and this employee felt that Walgreens WASN”T doing as much as necessary to protect the employees as they worked the “night shift”, so he legally became “licensed to carry” to protect himself) Ask yourself this….HOW CAN WALGREENS PROTECT THEIR CUSTOMERS? Is this how they show their concern for the well being of ANYONE in their retail stores….was there an armed under cover security guard in the store?..apparently NOT! No wonder the employee didn’t feel safe working the night shift! With unemployment rising and the economy worsening, does anyone with a brain NOT think that crimes of robbery & perhaps murders won’t be on the rise? And as state budgets must be met, more & more criminals all over this nation will be set free as California is now letting 38,000 out soon….& probably coming to a state near YOU! Now I know how Walgreens will protect me so now I can make MY CHOICE in this matter too. I will share this story with my large blog contacts and I’m sure together we can all make a difference. TOGETHER WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL….SO COME ON, AMERICA!..STAND UP FOR THIS “AMERICAN HERO”….who knows, the next VICTIM MIGHT BE YOU!

    CALL Consumer Relations at 1-800-WALGREENS (1-800-925-4733) Select option 4., TODAY & LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! Sorry, didn’t get their e-mail address but I think crashing their corporate phone lines will probably be more effective…I bet they can easily visualize the $$$$ flying out their doors with a flood of FURY from the AMERICAN PUBLIC.! Tell them that you want this employee re-hired, a big bonus and a PUBLIC APOLOGY FOR THEIR MISGUIDED ACTION TOWARD THIS EMPLOYEE ON ALL OF THE “LAME STREAM MEDIA”…CNN, MSNBC, etc….and hopefully Glenn Beck can tell us by the end of next week if not before that this matter has been resolved BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO HAVE SAID “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”


  2. The real issue here is legal liability. With our litigation happy society today, an employee lawfully carrying a gun that wounds someone even engaged in committing a crime would no doubt bring a lawsuit against the company and a horde of lawyers looking for deep pockets, not to mention negative publicity from an anti-gun media. Rather than deal with this, most corporations tell their employees to flee or not defend themselves, and pay their insurance premiums to cover their losses. Cheaper in the long run, at least from a financial standpoint. Any employee that tries to stop a perp is terminated for violating company policy, which will be their legal defense in court. Not saying any of it is right, but it's the world we live in.

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