The Wicked Witch is Dead

Or so they’ve been saying on the news.

Osama bin Laden has been killed, a United States official said Sunday night.

Personally, I don’t think it’s that big of deal.  I actually presumed he’d been dead for some time now, his body moldering in some collapsed cave in Pakistan somewhere.

That he was still alive all this time is of little more than emotional value to either us or the Islamic extremists in my humble opinion.  He has been on the run, hiding in caves and trying to stay alive for the past ten years or so and, as such, has not been a viable threat, other than indirectly as a figurehead and motivating figure for Islamic extremists. 

Seeing justice done is nice, but doesn’t do squat to bring back the dead or restore the wounded, and I really don’t think he posed much of an immediate threat.  I don’t think he’s had much tactical control over anyone for a long time and, as such, even though it’s welcome news, I don’t really think it’s that important in the grand scheme of things.


3 thoughts on “The Wicked Witch is Dead

  1. Bin Laden has been an important figure head of the movement, his death matters and he gets to his judgement before the Lord before me.

    But as a threat to the America I love, most of them are still toasting each other in Washington DC. It was interesting that the President was willing to not pay the same military that he so boldly sent to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden, to make a point with the Republicans, sigh. There were so many "I"s in his late night speech, I wondered that he didn't have satcom with the shooters.

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