Has it occurred to anyone else…

…that the former American Jihadi PR mouthpiece that spouted off about muslims in America exploiting the gun show loophole to get automatic weapons with which to commit acts of terror, did so exactly to get the kind of reaction that’s happening across the anti-gun and media (but I repeat myself) realm today?

I mean…consider this:  The Jihadis aren’t stupid.  They plan meticulously and do their homework.  This guy in particular is a former American.  He speaks the language and has lived under the laws.  Anyone who does 2 minutes of research knows that what he said was bunk…but it plays right into the propaganda that the anti-freedom proponents have been spouting in this country for over 20 years.

How convenient.

Here’s the thing:  Do you think that the Jihadis like the fact that any American they encounter, just about anywhere in the country, could potentially be armed? 

Having even a small percentage of potential victims draw their own guns and fight back could completely reverse the desired effect of an armed terrorist attack.  Whereas an attack like in Mumbai, against a forcibly disarmed citizenry who knows they are helpless in the face of such an attack, strikes terror into the hearts of the people; an attack here, would result (and has resulted) in the exact opposite:  anger, resolve and determination to be ready to stop it the next time.  It would result in more and more people arming themselves and being prepared to defend themselves, making future attacks increasingly difficult.

So, what happens? The enemy of my enemy is my friend.  The result is two completely disparate forces of evil, who have no relationship with each other, with no coordination or collusion required, and who would disavow each other in a heartbeat, end up working together for a common cause.

The Jihadis would love to see the eventual disarming of Americans just as much as the Bradys and their ilk would.  They are patient, they are methodical and they are smart.

This video is eliciting exactly the response that the former American Jihadi had hoped when he produced it.  The goal wasn’t to get American muslims to go to gunshows to obtain automatic weapons that they know good and well aren’t available for purchase there, an act that would do nothing more than draw attention to them and possibly get them arrested.

The purpose of the video was to provide further propaganda to assist their unwitting allies in doing something they could never get accomplished on their own…the elimination of the biggest roadblock to tyrants and terrorists alike…an armed citizenry.


3 thoughts on “Has it occurred to anyone else…

  1. Makes the CSGV's casual throwing around of the word "traitor" to describe 2nd amendment advocates a little bit ironic.

  2. Where Jihadis live there is often gun-control, which they ignore since they are criminals. Where Jihadis succeed in spreading terror, it is also by blending-in – like the STASI they look anybody else so "it" could be anyone – which is somewhat harder for them to do in the US than in Pakistan.
    Armed Americans present as much a hazard to them as we did to the Japanese invasion plans in WWII (apocryphal or not), and as armed homeowners present to common criminals – perhaps more since more people are responsive to the specific and heightened threat Jihadis represent than to the constant, sub-level of criminals that already exist.

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