Just a quick 6,000 words…

…on how I spent my Saturday:

Update:  Primarily for the participants who happen by here:  all 419 photos are now up on my personal web space (Click HERE) for you to see and download.  The Airfield Shooting Club, as well as staff members and participants in the event are free to use the photos in any way they see fit.  Everyone else should consider the photos to fall under standard copyright law and refrain from copying, reproducing or publishing the photos without permission and attribution. Update 2:The images have been removed after a suitable time period. If you were a participant and want copies of any of the images and didn’t get them downloaded, feel free to Contact Me

(As usual…click to make bigger)

Possibly my favorite picture from the whole day:

Poof…it’s gone.

I took over 800 pictures (after eliminating the chaff, I ended up with around 400 good shots), plus video, so I may put more up later with a little commentary about the day.


5 thoughts on “Just a quick 6,000 words…

  1. Awesome! I'm liking the .22LR AR style rifles more and more by the minute. That right there is perfect picture example of why we're winning.

  2. The .22lr AR style rifle, combined with a Ruger 10/22, gave us a perfect opportunity to demonstrate very effectively, the fallacy of the "assault weapon" meme.

    Plus it gave them an opportunity to try an aperture sight.

  3. An aperature sight is the foundation for rifle marksmanship. I want my kids to learn the aperature first before moving to optics later on.

    Good to hear that the Ruger and AR didn't get out of hand and go berzerk!

  4. We teach them iron sights too. The club owns six rifles that we use for these events, three are scoped and three are regular blade style Iron sights.

    Some of the instructors bring their personal rifles too…which gives us the opportunity to expose them to more variations and styles.

  5. I feel honored that my shot is possibly your favorite picture from the whole day. Thank you for taking all those wonderful photos of everyone! I'm sure everyone appreciates it!! =)

    Tina Y.

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