Revenge is at hand.

Remember a few weeks ago, when I related how I found that great bargain on the priceless memento of our President?

How I sent it to a friend of mine as a gift and how he responded?

Thank you so much for the Milton Bradley Commemorative Barack Obama “Yes We Can!” puzzle. I’m at a loss for how to show my most heartfelt appreciation. Email won’t come close. A proper response requires pen and ink on paper. Honestly though, I fear that alone will surely fall short as well. I’ll put serious thought toward how one might properly reciprocate such a thoughtful and beautiful gift from as dear a friend as yourself.

Well, his response came today.

All I can say is: well played, my friend, well played.

I must admit that I’m a bit torn.  Do I leave it in the packaging, helping to retain it’s obvious collector value and to pass down to my children and grand-children as a cherished heirloom?  Or do I open it so that I can grow and enjoy it as it was intended?

Anyone ever had one before?  How long do the plants live?  If I’ll only be able to enjoy it for a couple of weeks or so, It’s not worth ruining the collector value.

What say my faithful readers?


3 thoughts on “Revenge is at hand.

  1. I have one my dad gave me as a joke.
    They last as long as any other Chia product, of course depending on the environment. So, pretty much crap.
    I have another one I have kept in the box, just so I can enjoy it for years to come.

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